Contract Development and Manufacturing

We are a world leader in cGMP Contract Development and Manufacturing supporting our partners in the development and production of their biologics, vaccines, custom APIs, and Advanced Therapies including gene therapy, cell therapy and regenerative medicine.

Our commitment is to help deliver our customers’ therapies, whether they are in clinical development or are commercially approved, to their patients. We do this through the application of good science, our knowledge of the clinical process and our quality driven approach. With over twenty years of experience we have become a trusted partner to a wide range of biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies in the industry.

Road to clinical success

Our Development Philosophy is driven by designing processes that have phase appropriate product controls during cGMP manufacturing. Quality is at the heart of everything we do, driving the development and the successful production of our partner’s therapies from beginning to end,

Reliable production of Bulk Drug substance and APIs is essential. The lives of patients may depend on receiving a single treatment. Working with an experienced partner will be the key to bringing new products to market with increased efficiency and speed. We offer our partners highly flexible clinical and commercial cGMP facilities for the production, by microbial fermentation, cell culture, custom chemical synthesis and purification, of biologics, vaccines, traditional pharmaceuticals and advanced therapies.

With you every step of the way

As your partner, we help expedite this process by bringing our years of experience, range of capabilities across our network, and our expression platform technologies for microbial expression, pAVEway™; and platforms and solutions for mammalian expression and production, Apollo™ and Saturn™ among others.

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