Cosmetics and Supplements

Life expectancy is expected to continue to increase, and looking healthy goes hand-in-hand with being healthy.

Using the power of science to create advanced skincare products

From photographic film to cosmetics and supplements, Fujifilm’s vast knowledge of collagen, a primary raw material for photographic film, antioxidation technologies, that were designed to help prevent photographs from fading and proprietary nanotechnologies engineered to miniaturized and stabilize the dispersion of materials, have been adapted from film to cosmetics and supplements.

Fujifilm first entered the prevention field in Japan in 2006, offering a range of cosmetics and supplements.

Since then, we have expanded the marketing region for our cosmetics products to other countries, and have created a brand that is global in scope.

We will continue to develop scientifically-proven products to contribute to the health and beauty of society.

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