For over four decades, Fujifilm has been a market-leader and progressive physician partner in improving patient outcomes through innovative endoscopic imaging technologies for gastrointestinal and pulmonary medical fields. Every year, the advanced endoscopic technology tools we put in physicians’ hands touch millions of lives – a goal we put at the very forefront of our mission.

Pioneer in small bowel solutions and beyond

Fujifilm innovations have repeatedly advanced new practices and introduced new technologies. The Fujifilm Double-Balloon Endoscopy system is widely used for small bowel endoscopy, unlocking access to previously hard to reach areas. Most recently – with input from sonographers – we have refined and designed the new Endoscopic Ultrasonic Processor providing intuitive advanced EUS imaging in a compact efficient design.

Fujifilm engineered Megapixel CMOS imaging technologies into endoscopes, providing unparalleled imaging clarity and the ability for close focus observation.

Improved visualization in endoscopy with the 4-LED multi-light technology

Our cutting edge technology delivers a special observation mode, BLI (Blue Light Imaging) which concentrates and intensifies specific wave lengths of light, resulting in a better visualization of the superficial micro-vessel and mucosal surface structures effective for the detection and diagnosis of cancer, and LCI (Linked Color Imaging) which emphasizes the coloring and contrast of mucous membranes and blood vessels difficult to see with the conventional endoscopes. The increased color contrast improves detection of cancer and diagnosis of inflammation and results in more accurate delineation.

Innovation to improve patient outcomes has long been our history – and our continued mission

Fujifilm collaborates closely with respected physicians, researchers, and world-renowned healthcare systems to continue our mission to be a trusted partner and market-leader.

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