Healthcare IT

As a leader in imaging informatics our technology is revolutionizing the capture, transmission, storage, management, accessibility, and visualization of clinical images and data at an intensity inconceivable just ten years ago.

This burgeoning landscape of clinical data is pushing up against all frontiers of healthcare, and a new way of information management is solving the problem of archiving massive amounts of patient records, enabling rapid access from any point, increasing collaboration, and helping expand the overall knowledge base of medicine.

Enterprise imaging

Fujifilm’s innovations in digital image visualization leverage today’s most advanced network, server and storage architecture to meet the new requirements of healthcare IT and enterprise imaging. Secure access to and the protection of the complete patient imaging record are critical to all healthcare organizations.

The Synapse® platform extends from a secure, robust centralized image management core to best of breed departmental diagnostic imaging and information system solutions for departments like radiology and cardiology.

Value of true imaging interoperability

Practitioners across the enterprise need access to images to provide the best patient care. This interoperability is critical for diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and care coordination.

However, technology can get in the way of meaningful data sharing. Different EHR/RIS/PACS systems were not designed to communicate easily with one another. The situation burdens IT systems, creates clinical silos, impedes workflow and security, and can compromise patient care.

The Synapse® Enterprise Imaging solution – including technologies like VNA, PACS, RIS, Cardiovascular and Enterprise Viewer – was designed for true imaging interoperability. It provides secure, easy-to-manage storage and access to the complete patient imaging record and links all healthcare IT systems across diagnostic departments—allowing individual physicians immediate access whenever and wherever they need it.

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