Regenerative Medicine

Leveraging the power of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) regenerative medicine is a highly advanced treatment modality with the potential to fulfill unmet medical needs.

Innovation designed to cure disease

Through photographic film research, Fujifilm developed a recombinant peptide which is applicable as a safe extracellular matrix for regenerative medicine. Fujifilm is changing drug discovery and healthcare, using new technologies in biologically derived materials to invent new scientific tools, fuel the race to cure cellular-based diseases, and advance the field of cell-based therapy where healthy cells are integrated into the body to replace diseased tissue.

In 2014, Fujifilm acquired a majority stake in Japan Tissue Engineering to focus on tissue engineering/ regeneration, and in 2015, acquired Cellular Dynamics International, a leading American producer of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) and differentiated tissue-specific cell types from any donor.

Fujifilm continues to make critical investments in enhancing regenerative medicine R&D efforts through expansion into cell and tissue GMP manufacturing facilities and new projects, such as Opsis Therapeutics, a joint venture focused on ocular therapy including macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa and cone dystrophies.

Leveraging the core Fujifilm scientific competencies

Cellular Dynamics’ core and patented technologies include cell reprogramming, genetic engineering, and differentiation resulting in over 10 iPSC types and thousands of donor based disease lines. Fujifilm’s manufacturing core competency has been applied to cell production, resulting in fully scalable, high purity, consistent and uniform cellular products. The proprietary iCell® products and MyCell® based disease lines are enabling the “disease in a dish” revolution by providing standardized IPSC derived cells to researchers around the world.

We serve the drug discovery, toxicity, safety pharmacology, bioengineering and release testing markets. Human-derived iPSCs and tissue cells provide more relevant biology and are rapidly driving the conversion from animal-based to human-based models. By working together with pharmaceutical and bioengineering companies, government and academic research laboratories, and patient advocacy groups in a variety of commercial partnerships, Fujifilm is dedicated to improving the success trajectory of curing disease and improving the quality of life.

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