In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD)

Clinicians know that there is no better weapon in the fight against a serious health disorder than an early, accurate diagnosis. Fujifilm provides a wide variety of point-of-care testing solutions including the FUJI DRI-CHEM automated clinical chemistry analyzer for both humans and animals, and the FUJI DRI-CHEM IMMUNO AG1 infectious disease testing system. They are allowing for revolutionary speed and accuracy of lab testing, helping healthcare providers to identify potentially life-threatening conditions earlier than ever before.

Sooner and better diagnoses with Fujifilm IVD

IVD is a laboratory testing method that takes in-vitro measurement of blood and other samples to produce results that illustrate the body’s condition. For IVD testing, Fujifilm devices and reagents are used to meet clinical needs for immediate laboratory results, even in low-resource settings, allowing for early diagnosis and treatment.

Building on Fujifilm innovations

Around the world, hundreds of thousands of people die from influenza every year. Often, patients who develop influenza symptoms seek treatment too early in the course of the disease for the influenza virus to appear on a conventional test.

Through an application of our silver amplification technology used in the photo development process, Fujifilm was able to dramatically increase the sensitivity of influenza tests by amplifying the signals for laboratory diagnostics. This technology is not only for influenza but also for mycoplasma pneumonia, adenovirus and RS virus. It is a promising technology for the detection of other infectious diseases. The diagnosis kit for Ebola virus disease and tuberculosis are under development.

The future of Fujifilm’s IVD business

Fujifilm will continue to develop and provide a wide range of products and services that stand at the front line of in-vitro diagnostics streamlining the process of early diagnosis and detection.

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